Friday, January 16, 2015

Carl Solway Gallery Presents a New Exhibition

 THE YEAR OF THE RAM: Works by 22 Artists
 January 17 – April 4, 2015

Alice Aycock
Lynda Benglis
John Cage
Dan Christensen
Jim Dine
Lydia Dona
Helen Frankenthaler
Sam Gilliam
Ann Hamilton
Jean-Pierre Hébert
Channa Horwitz
Jasper Johns
Hildur Asgeirsdóttir Jónsson
Judy Pfaff
Claes Oldenburg
Alan Rath
Robert Rauschenberg
James Rosenquist
Joan Snyder
Peter Waite
Andy Warhol

Tom Wesselmann

Image: John Cage, HPSCHD, 1969, silkscreen, 40 x 26 inches 


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