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Rachel Rampleman
New Work & Websites

1st things 1st! I'm quite excited to share my brand new series Pop Art Portraits right here...
Above video stills (clockwise from top) from Pop Art Portraits (Promise Phan, Charlie Short, and Bianca Charisma)
And check out my newly revamped and updated artist website here at!
 AND my new curatorial website with Vanessa Albury as The Sun That Never Sets! Good stuff!

Rachel Rampleman
New Shows

Etcetera III at S.M.A.K.
The Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (S.M.A.K)
Curated by Young Friends of S.M.A.K. (Vrienden v/h S.M.A.K.)

Etcetera III: An Evening of Performance and Video
Presented by Godart Bakkers, Nadia Bijl, Wouter De Vleeschouwer & Ilse Roosens
- performance: Driewieler Collectief, Messieurs Delmotte, Renée van Trier, Jonathan Paepens aka Diva John the worst diva of the world, Mima Schwahn, Jonathan De Winter & Bruital Orgasme, Bert Huyghe, Jonathan Meese, Peter Fengler, Ruud Rudy van Moorleghem en Sheniqua World Tour, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, A. Liparoto
- video: Kati Heck, Dennis Tyfus,  Vincent Hagnauer, Jos de Gruyter en Harald Thys, Terese Schulmeister en Otto Muehl
- installation: Maxim Ryckaerts, Rachel Rampleman
October 24th, 7pm - midnight
Jan Hoetplein 1
9000 Ghent

My Ms Olympia Studies
10 channel video installation
S.M.A.K., 2015

The Show Me State
Auxiliary Projects
Curated by Jennifer Dalton & Jennifer McCoy

The Show Me State is Auxiliary Project's 1st ever group show and features work dealing with themes of display and desire by the following artists: David Baskin, Oasa DeVerney, Jessica Hargreaves, David Howe and Anita Cruz Eberhard, Rachel Rampleman, Emily Roz, Jonathan Schipper/EXOvault, Chris Verene/Self Esteem Salon.

Auxiliary Projects is a collaborative project space founded and run by two multidisciplinary artists, Jennifer Dalton and Jennifer McCoy. Each month, Auxiliary Projects works closely with an artist to create a series of small hand-made multiples conceived to exhibit in concert with the artist’s larger works. These auxiliary objects will be available for sale at a price no higher than $300. Our goals are to facilitate wider distribution for artists’ work we admire and to enlarge the community of people who can collect art. 
Gallery Hours;  Saturday and Sunday 1pm-6pm and by appointment.

Opening November 14th, 6-8pm
Auxiliary Projects
212R Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Video still from my Red Room Study (Grace Gotham)

Solo Exhibition
Carl Solway Gallery

For the fall season, Carl Solway Gallery presents three solo exhibitions of artwork incorporating light, motion, video projection and various forms of technology.  Erwin Redl’s exhibition, featuring work from 2010-2015, will include an installation composed of digitally controlled LED light sculptures, kinetic sculpture, drawings and prints. Pascal Dufaux builds kinetic sculptures incorporating video cameras, ceramic, metal and glass that he refers to as Alien Forms. Rachel Rampleman’s exhibition will consist of two experimental projected videos: Busby Berkeley 2.0 from 2014, and Water/Light Study from 2015, as well as Bellmer Burlesque from 2013 on a traditional monitor.

Rachel Rampleman primarily works with time-based media and her videos explore subjects as varied as gender, artifice and spectacle.  She frequently showcases strong female personalities, such as bodybuilders and women in hair-metal tribute bands, who challenge common notions of femininity.  From a series of videos titledBurlesque/Showgirl Studies
Busby Berkeley 2.0 transforms and abstracts the bird’s-eye views from an example of Busby Berkeley’s cinematic choreography. Water/Light Study focuses on the more reflective and contemplative side of her work.   Many of her pieces exhibit a hypnotic quality characterized by repetitive motion and symmetrical patterning, such as with Bellmer Burlesque.
October 9 – December 23, 2015
Carl Solway Gallery
424 Findlay Street
Cincinnati, OH 45214

Video still to the left from my 
Water/Light Study, and above from Bellmer Burlesque

In Your Room
184 Project Space

The Sun That Never Sets (Vanessa Albury + Rachel Rampleman) was pleased to present In Your Room at 184 Project Space.
We find that people enjoy video art in exhibition or screening contexts, but often do not see how this work can translate into the space of a home. Video art is exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, but rarely found installed in houses. Also, our world is increasingly tech-reliant, but the mechanisms that enable our gadgets to function are largely unknown to many. These realities create a chasm between the work and the home that presents a challenge to collectors, often leaving people unsure of how to live with video art in their homes. Installed in a home gallery, In Your Room is an exhibition featuring video art alongside drawing, sculpture, painting and photography that engage video art dialectics. In Your Room plays with illusions and reveals the unspoken and underlying expectations of home space, freeing the idea of home to invite video art into its space. We have Juliet Jacobson's drawings of mirrors without reflections, Jen Gustavson's layered messages in her new video I Love You, Jamie Diamond's I Promise to Be a Good Mother series that are film-still like vignettes of motherhood to a doll, along with Peter Clough's digital drawings, Rachel Mason's inspirational Doll Audience from Starseeds, Jeremy Olson's 3D photographs, painting and new video, Ego Sensation's music video, Rachel Rampleman's Groupies and Vanessa Albury's new work Shelf of Memory Objects.

In Your Room featured artwork by Peter Clough, Jamie Diamond, Jennifer Gustavson, Juliet Jacobson, Rachel Mason, Jeremy Olson, Ego Sensation, Vanessa Albury & Rachel Rampleman.
184 Project Space is a curatorial and social practice/relational aesthetic platform, founded and run by Donna Cleary.
September 24 to October 19, 2015
184 Project Space
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY

Above image of a pair from my Groupies sculpture series at 184 Project Space, image to the left isRainbow Wigs (archival Giclée print)

The Sound Behind You

Stonehaven, Catskills Region of the Hudson Valley
The Sun That Never Sets (Vanessa Albury + Rachel Rampleman) & Peter Clough and were pleased to present The Sound Behind You, a one night only film and video screening and exhibition in the woods, hosted by Jac Lahav and Nora Lynn Leech at Stonehaven near Phoenecia, NY. This project was conceived as an experiment in video installation, with works installed directly on tree trunks and projected onto foliage: flickering lights, a glow in the distance, echoes through the trees. A slow drone comes from somewhere down the path. Nature is a dimensioning resource that we almost completely forego as city dwellers. Since art comes from culture, it lives unnaturally in the white cube galleries of the urban landscape. By bringing the technology, illumination, and temporality of moving image work out of the city—out of the cube —and into the dark of the forest, we invoke the spirits of the ancient woods to mingle and dance with the denizens of the future.

The Sound Behind You featured works by Adriane Connerton, Pik-Shuen Fung, Jennifer Gustavson, Claudia Joskowicz, Karsten Krejcarek, LoVid, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Jeremy Olson, Kirstin Tårnes, Angela Washko, Peter Clough, Rachel Rampleman and Vanessa Albury. The exhibition took place at Stonehaven, the home and studio of Jac Lahav and Nora Lynn Leech, in Westkill, NY. The opening began just before dusk on August 29, 2015, and guests were welcome to camp overnight after enjoying some drinks and BBQ. 
Above images of The Sound Behind You courtesy of Aaron Alden & Rachel Rampleman

2015 Governors Island Art Fair

Presented by 4Heads

It was fantastic to return for a 2nd year to Governors Island Art FairNYC's artist-run art fair. I premiered two new pieces, Water/Light Study & Phantasma (Mick Mars; Mötley Crüe)installed as a solo project in a former gunpowder magazine in the Revolutionary War era Fort Jay. More on this here in the New York Times:…/christies-to-sell-collection-of-ar…
About GIAF: Indulge your curiosity as you explore the abandoned military barracks of Governors Island Art Fair, 100 singular rooms of painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and sound art. Run by artists, for artists, New York’s largest independent exhibition enters its 8th year this fall. Once again GIAF organizers, 4heads, have sifted through a sea of creative proposals from New York and around the world, giving 100 of the best a full room each, in which to wreak havoc as they see fit. 
GIAF takes place at Fort Jay & Colonel’s Row on Governors Island.   Admission is free.
Hours are 11am – 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays, September 5 – 27, 2015.
Governors Island is accessible by ferry from the Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan or the East River Ferry.
And, last but not least, many thanks to Vanessa Albury for taking this great shot of my piece Busby Berkeley 2.0 as installed at NYC's Capitale for Une Nuit Parisienne, the Maison Kitsuné Afterparty in September, hosted by MATTE Projects & Art Report.

Thanks for looking, and hope you have a fantastic autumn...
Warmest wishes,
Rachel Rampleman
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