Friday, April 7, 2017

Catherine Richards Performance at Carl Solway Gallery, April 8, 2017

Carl Solway Gallery
Catherine Richards · Performance / April 8th, Saturday, 2-4pm

Catherine Richards · Performance
Saturday, April 8th, 2017
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Rotating Hierarchy
featuring Capricious Alignment

Rotating Hierarchy animates the visual infinite that Catherine Richards' show Capricious Alignment proposes. This performance extends the visitor’s perceptual engagement with the work through light, projection, and the human body. Textile prints and polychrome aluminum sculptures combine to form a total environment. The space is flattened through light - dematerializing fiber and metal into a unified perceptual field. Depth is voided. Sculpture becomes shadow. Object and image repeat as singular and infinite areas. Physical embodiment of all male performers create linkages between structures. The sculptures are meditative zones of intensity. Each individual is clothed in a red, blue, or white kaftan or kimono. Silent steps and movements through the gallery show zones of power and displacement of power. 

Capricious Alignment features immersive textile prints and polychrome aluminum sculptures. Order, decoration, and color create a dynamic psychology of space. The viewer’s perceptual experience is heightened by the sequential nature of both the tapestries and open grid structures. The juxtaposition of repeating floral environments alongside minimalist sculpture open a dialogue between the dualist ideologies of order and chaos. The sculptures and textile environments question the traditional signs of stability and architectural material hierarchy. Boundaries between exterior and interior are rendered fluid and playful.

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